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Photo: Kristiansand Kommune


In the olden times, Kristiansand was the Gateway to the Sea. She still is, but now superhighways and an international airport make it a simple task to come here from anywhere. Once you are here, you can begin your explorations in the Southland. All are welcome.



Kristiansand is a seaside resort city and municipality in Agder County, Norway. The city is the fifth-largest and the municipality the sixth-largest in Norway, with a population of 113,737 as of January 2022. A city of culture and festivals, the people of this small southern city are active, creative and fun-loving.

Photo: Visit Sørlandet


Kristiansand is a city of culture. We are proud of our heritage, our inclusiveness…and our museums and galleries that include:


  • Kilden Performing Arts Centre

  • SKMU Art Museum

  • Kristiansand Art Gallery

  • Gallery Bi-Z

  • Agder Arts Centre

  • Kunstsilo Nordic Art Museum in Kristiansand


Find out more here.

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Photo: Visit Sørlandet

Few places in Scandinavia have been populated as long as the Kristiansand region – nearly 9,000 years. Although this was likely not a settlement, but isolated groups of people, it did lay the way for habitation beginning c. 400 AD in the Lund suburb of the what is now Kristiansand, with dozens of cooking pits that are probably even older.


With this brings a long history – a long collective memory that shapes the lives and feeling here in the deep south of the country. It is a feeling that must be experienced to be understood.

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We are the fastest growing region in Norway, we have a young and educated population, our culture, creativity and innovation is driving our development.


The future is bright here in the sunny south of Norway.

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Photo: Visit Sørlandet


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