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Kristiansand is the capital of Southern Norway and Norway's fifth largest city with over 113,000 inhabitants. The municipality has more than a third of the inhabitants of Agder. Kristiansand accounts for a significant part of value creation in Southern Norway and is an important city of art and culture for the entire region. 


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Kristiansand municipality's vision is "stronger together", and must gather and inspire joint development and change. In order to meet the most important challenges until 2030, the municipality has three focus areas:

- Attractive and environmentally friendly
- Inclusive and diverse
- Creative and competent

To be successful, there must be local, regional, national and international cooperation.

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Kristiansand municipality is Agder's largest employer and over 9,000 employees deliver within a wide range of service areas. Kristiansand is a municipality with a good variety of businesses, arts and culture, recreational opportunities and beautiful nature.

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Visit Sørlandet

Visit Sørlandet

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