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Locally and regionally, many are involved. At national level, collaboration with Innovation Norway, the National Film Commission and others will ensure long-term continuity in the development of this initiative throughout Norway and internationally.


Film has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions, and create impressions that can last a lifetime. Often it is the actual landscapes and physical locations in the film that are important contributors. This is the essence of film tourism, and it brings these memories to life for visitors. They often fulfill a dream of coming to the place where their favorite movie was made.



Kristiansand is the capital of Southern Norway and Norway's fifth largest city with over 113,000 inhabitants. The municipality has more than a third of the inhabitants of Agder. Kristiansand accounts for a significant part of value creation in Southern Norway and is an important city of art and culture for the entire region. 

Photo: Kristiansand Kommune


Visit Sørlandet (tidligere USUS) er en næringsklynge og medlemsorganisasjon som representerer hele spekteret innen reiseliv.


Organisasjonen vår består i dag av samarbeidspartnere innen overnatting, servering, opplevelser, transport og kommunikasjon på Sørlandet.

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Skjermbilde 2023-03-04 kl. 08.09.07.png


With its headquarters in Kristiansand and covering an area of operation including the counties of Vestfold and Telemark in addition to Agder, Sørnnorsk Filmsenter supports activities of professional filmmakers, producers, game developers and screenwriters who live here. Filmmakers who live outside these counties can apply, if the theme/filming takes place in these counties.

Photo: Visit Sørlandet

                                  Sørnorsk Filmsenter


Norway Communicates produces events, film and other projects dedicated to communicating the essence of what we call "The World's Best Secrets" - Norway.

In the past year we have completed the documentary Bluestown Rising with Steven Van Zandt, produced the world's only UNESCO e-book, staged the first HIMF. Now our focus turns towards Film Tourism in collaboration with Ian Brodie (Lord of the Rings), described in this website.

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All Photos: Visit Sørlandet

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