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Visit Sørlandet (formerly USUS) is a business cluster and member organization that represents the entire spectrum within tourism. Our organization today consists of partners in accommodation, catering, experiences, transport and communication in Southern Norway.

Visit Sørlandet



From our beginnings with just 15 partners at the start in 2010, we have now grown to over 140 partner companies in 2022, a dynamic organization working to further strengthen Sørlandet's position as an attractive and sustainable tourism destination. 


The partner companies in the cluster work closely each other to promote growth and development through world-class service, experiences, and communication -  encouraging all members to excel. 

Visit Sørlandet


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Together, we contribute to lifting the region through cooperation and continuous development with the common goal to contribute to continuous innovation and growth as we promote and highlight what we have to offer through the Visit Sørlandet brand. 


Creating world-class experiences – Visit Sørlandet. Find out more here.

Visit Sørlandet

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Visit Sørlandet

Visit Sørlandet

Visit Sørlandet.

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