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Culture and creativity go hand in hand – and perhaps one of the reasons that Kristiansand has such a strong creative culture is that here people have the time to work – and play.

Kristiansand is a city of culture. We are proud of our heritage, inclusivity and all our museums and galleries:


• The Kilde theatre and cultural center

• SKMU Art Museum

• Kristiansand Art Gallery

• Gallery Bi-Z

• Agder art centre

• Art Silo Nordic Art Museum

...and much more!

Gimle Gård malerier.jpg


Skjermbilde 2023-03-02 kl. 20.44.42.png
Skjermbilde 2023-01-29 kl. 19.16.17.png
Skjermbilde 2023-01-29 kl. 19.18.51.png

Photos: Visit Sørlandet

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